The AMC CEO Met With Kandahar Governer

The Amania Mining Company CEO, Nasratullah Ahmadzai, met Governer Of Kandahar Province, and the residents of Florida Kan in the Nish district of Nish district, which was also present in the district of the province, Matiullah Shirzad and Nish Governor.The first governor of Kandahar, Hayatullah Hayat said, mining companies are responsible for the construction of health clinics, bridges, dams and schools, repairing roads, green, drinking and water. Provide services and help local residents in building these parts with the request of local residents. Mr. Hayat called the leaders to make a special part according to the need of his area, to provide services to the residents of the Florida extraction company in building its part.The leaders of Nish district came and said they need agricultural water for drinking water and drinking water and asked the extraction company to cooperate with them in the memory.In a visit, Florida Kan extractor company said, they are ready to perform services according to the law in rehabilitation, vegetables and repair affairs and assured the leaders of the Semi, that they will serve the same as their needs.

Saturday, Tuesday 24 December 2019

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